That Whirlpool Could Swallow A Kayak! And It Just Did!

Kayak vs Whirlpool

The Pro kayaker, Juanito de Ugarte was having some fun kayaking on the Ottawa River, Juanito and crew had just arrived at the white water rapids known as Butcher’s Knife, which is listed as a 13 on the gauge.

Before he could do anything about it (if he had a choice!) he was pulled right under by a whirlpool and disappeared under the water! So it just goes to show you can be a pro at whitewater kayaking with the best kayak and paddle – you still need to watch out for the whirlpools in the river!

Watch as the Juanito and his kayak get spun right in to the whirlpool. When this happens it’s ‘safest’ to stay inside your kayak as trying to swim out of the whirlpool may well have you pulled further down into the water.

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