Up for the Challenge – Kayaking From Cuba To Florida

Building Bridges in a Kayak!

This was a great idea to help build connections and friendships between Cuba and the USA. This sea kayaking adventure was the brain child and organised by entrepreneur Davis Smith and the team was led by former US Olympic Kayaking Gold medalist Joe Jacobi.

Joe was a quick sprints champion and so changing to sea kayaking for that length of a trip was a bit of a difference for him.

The organisers are hoping to make this an annual event due to the great success of this one. As well as it being a great physical challenge, the sharing and learning of each others cultures of also important to this event.

Well done guys!

Earlier this month, 10 American kayakers left Cuba in an attempt to cross the Florida Straits to Key West. One of those kayakers is a former Oklahoma resident and Olympic gold medalist.

The voyage was organized to raise awareness about Cuba and the changes happening there. The adventure was not only a physical challenge, but one that helped build relations with Cubans.

It took these kayakers 113 miles and 34 hours to paddle from Havana to Key West. A long, and at times, grueling journey to celebrate the continued growth towards diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Before they took off, the group met with Cuban business owners to build the ties between America.

“I think when the organizers started to plan this trip in the beginning of 2015, they never could have imagined the evolution and the speed of how that relationship between the United States and Cuba would develop,” Joe Jacobi said.

The kayakers left from Havana at the beginning of September, and were lead to sea by the Cuban Olympic sprint canoe/kayak team.

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