The DIY Kayak – Build it then Paddle it!

A Kayak with a Difference

Ben Cooper, director of M&C Saatchi came up with the idea of the O Six Hundred kayak and with the design skills of Andrew Simpson of The Balmain Boat Company – their DIY Kayak became a reality!

For most, the idea of building your own kayak would be a non-starter but with this kayak it’s as easy as it gets. It comes as a 30 piece ready-to-build and all you need to do is snap the cedar pine frame together and fit over the the carbon skin and you are good to go kayaking!

It’s strong and light and paddles well on calm waters. It obviously has its limits but it’s a neat idea all the same.

The kayak kit is priced at around $1,400.


Only 30 easy pieces make up the frame of the O Six Hundred. Cut with a precision CNC router, the hoop pine plywood is incredibly strong and snaps together, perfectly. At 10 kgs, it’s lighter than a toddler; and far, far quieter.


The O Six Hundred comes ‘ready to assemble’. If you’re strong enough to lift it, you’re smart enough to build it. 30 marine-ply ribs create the primary frame. Cedar spines stretch out to create surprising strength. Finally, the carbon skin completes your kayak – taught, tough and waterproof.