Rescuer Saves Injured Kayaker

How many beers is that worth!?

This rescue footage was filmed at the Green River Narrows Race earlier this month. This race is a highlight on the calendar for whitewater kayakers.

However this year was a tough one for kayaking competitor Nick Fiedler who sustained a bad back injury during his run and needed to be rescued from the water as he was unable to swim to safety.

Luc Strickland was the hero of the day as he launched himself over the kayak and pulled Nic to safety.

Nic sustained a compression fracture of his L1, L2 in his back, and his tailbone and is looking at an 8 week recover time.

Get well soon Nic and we think you owe Luc a few beers for that!

Check out the rescue below!

Source : video – JukinVideo