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Oregon’s Paddle Park is on it’s way

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A Paddle Trail with something for everyone!

The Little Deschutes River, Deschutes River and nine Cascades lakes make up the Deschutes Paddle Trail.

The trail is sectioned in to areas suitable for all levels and there is something for everyone – from calm peaceful waters to the whitewater rapids to test the pros out there.

Class I parts of the trail are easy and aimed at beginners and those looks for a relaxing time, going all the way up to Class V for the experts. So make sure you check the level of the section you are going on – you don’t want any surprises along the way (unless that’s what you signed up for!)


Read on to find out more . . .

Have you ever heard of a paddle trail? Much like a hiking trail, a paddle trail maps out a safe passage along a waterway for kayakers and other water enthusiasts to enjoy the natural world around them. Running through the heart of Central Oregon and the city of Bend, the Deschutes Paddle Trail takes visitors on a journey through some of Oregon’s most unique geological and natural beauty sites.

Over the years, the Deschutes Paddle Trail has gone from a waterway filled with thousands of logs to a paddle trail filled with thousands of locals and visitors each year. The Bend Paddle Trail Alliance (BPTA) is a non-profit organization that was established over 10 years ago to steward the Deschutes Paddle Trail and promote safety and education for all visiting water enthusiasts.

For locals, visitors, and future generations, this unique new recreational experience will add to the already diverse landscape of activities and attractions to experience in Bend, and throughout the state of Oregon. Covering a quarter-mile section of the Deschutes River, the development will support three separate waterway channels: a wildlife habitat, the active waterpark channel, and a slower passage for floaters and water recreation beginners.

Work on the Colorado Safe Passage and Surf Park broke ground at the end of 2014 and is expected to open in the summer of 2016.


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