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One Man and His Two Dogs go Kayaking

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The Ultimate Best Friend Kayak!

We all love our dogs and some of us do when we can, take them out on the water with us.

David Bahnson took it a step further by customising his Pygmy Coho wooden kayak to have his two best friends come along with him.

When he was building his kayak David altered the front and rear baggage compartments to better suit the dogs and also added coamings to help keep them dry and prevent water coming in to the kayak too.


David Bahnson and friends in his modified Pygmy Coho Triple. Of this award-winning photo, Bahnson says, “We posed for the photo and I was only three feet from shore, so there was really no risk (of not wearing a PFD).”

David Bahnson, 67, a retired orthopedic surgeon in Mendon, Vermont, understood his dogs wanted to be a blissful sniff away, so he modified a Pygmy Coho Triple, turning baggage compartments into doggie cockpits. The result didn’t just please his pooches, but also amused paddlers-by. Today, Bahnson’s paddling is limited due to a serious rotator cuff injury and a subsequent tear on the other side, both requiring surgery. Plus, the two golden retrievers in the photo have since passed away, but the Bahnson family tradition of paddling on Golden (Retriever) Pond continues on, as Piper, another golden, is being trained and Bahnson’s wife, Linda, will paddle on in her Coho.


Did you have to train your goldens to ride along?
They loved paddling, but I trained them to wait until I got in and sat down first. Then they’d get in on command. They never flipped me over, but I also had them trained so they would hold still on command if I thought I was going into a situation like a big boat going by. I would command them to sit and stay, and they would. Perhaps the combo of them moving with a wave might have flipped us, but that never happened. There was sufficient stability for them to turn around and face the other direction if they were bored. I could command them to change direction too. They were pretty good dogs.

Source : Canoe&Kayak


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