It isn’t looking good for the kayak!

Bear verses Kayak

Mary Maley got more than she bargained for on a solo sea kayaking trip from Ketchikan to Petersburg in Alaska. Mary had stopped off at the US Forest Service cabin at Berg Bay and unloaded all her kit including her tent, food and clothing.

During her lunch she heard a noise outside and there it was – a black bear happily gnawing on her¬†Delta 15s Seakayak! He chewed on it for about 20 minutes, to the point that Mary wouldn’t be able to use it.

Mary did her best to put the bear off eating her kayak and as you can hear in the video – ain’t no amount of asking or reasoning is going to get that bear to stop!

Good news is Mary was not stranded and made it to Wrangell courtesy of a nearby boat where she is having her kayak repaired.

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Source : video –¬†Mary Maley