Is This Fun or Just Plain Crazy???

Massive 35m Kayak Drop from Keyhole Falls

Who’s up or a bit of extreme kayaking? This video was shot earlier this year in British Columbia, Canada, when these guys thought it would be ‘fun’ to kayak over the 35m waterfall known as the Keyhole Falls on the Lillooet River.

The abundance of mountain snowmelt ensures that this river is always in full flow and it was only after their first halted attempt did they guys come back for another go.

The position of the waterfall and the amount of spray makes it nearly impossible to look and get a good read of the water.

Unsure that the pool at the bottom met all the support team’s safety requirements and losing radio contact with the guys in the pool they decided that the only way was down!

Check out what happened on the next page (a few bad words alert – but can you blame them!)