How to Roll A Kayak in 3 Easy Steps

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

The two most common ‘easy to learn’ techniques for how to roll a kayak are the ‘C-to-C’ and the ‘Sweep Roll’. These are easy to learn as they each have three easy to understand defined steps.

These roll methods are great to get started and as you improve you will develop your own preferred method that you will just do on instinct.

The three steps are broken down in to 1)The Set-up 2) The Catch and 3) The Recovery.

One tip that will always make a kayak roll so much easier is to remember to get your head and body as close to the surface as possible before attempting to roll your kayak.

Being able to hip-snap your kayak back to an upright position will become more instinctive and better with practise.

Check out this great short instructional video on page 2.