Kayaking The Grand Canyon Alone

A Truly Mental and Physical Kayaking Journey!

John Nestler embarked on a 27 day, 280 mile adventure by kayaking down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado solo. He launched his kayak from Lees Ferry not really knowing what such isolation would mean for him. For safety John had a satellite phone with him which he only wanted to use in case of emergencies.

With a mixture of calm waters and some class 10 whitewater rapids John was in for some awesome kayaking!

This inspiring, thought provoking and honest film will let you see what such a kayaking adventure involves.

Grab a coffee and sit back and enjoy this great film below.

“A chance to experience a full lunar cycle, to eschew the stresses of the outside world, to fully immerse in a mesmerizing landscape: Why not experience a paradise like this alone? With necessities packed away neatly in my kayak, my mind and body were set free to explore the Grand Canyon.

Halfway through my 27-day solo trip last January, I passed a rafter who told me his theory that it takes at least four days, usually a week “to really get in tune with the river.” I didn’t need any convincing.

Meals were simple: oatmeal for breakfast, peanut butter wraps for lunch, quinoa and sausage for dinner. My body craved the same tastes every day, and I took great pleasure in cooking dinner against a fading sun after a day of hiking or reading. Fourteen hours of darkness each night provided the time to contemplate life; vivid dreams made up for the lack of social contact during the day”.

John Nestler

Source : text and video – John Nestler and