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Nouria’s true passion for kayaking

Nouria Newman is a 24 year old French slalom kayaker and has a few good medals to prove just how good she is.

In this video Nouria shares her passion for the sport we all love. Check out the great footage as she goes from home to the airport carrying her kayak, to boarding a tiny helicopter to get her and some friends to a remote region for some awesome whitewater kayaking.

Nouria talks about how it not just about the kayaking but all that it brings with it – friendships, good times, hard times, the unexpected and always some great memories to share.

We think she fantastically sums up kayaking for her – it’s scary, addictive and the river makes her feel insignificant and free all at the same time.

Check out the video below . . .

“It’s not just about the whitewater. Kayaking takes you to some incredible places with some amazing people.”
Nouria Newman

Source : video – Nouria Newman