First Descent is one Epic Adventure!

Kayaking with the help of GoogleEarth!

Professional whitewater kayaker Tyler Bradt is no stranger to epic kayaking challenges as he is the official world record holder for going over the Highest Waterfall in a kayak at an eye watering 189ft. We have included that awesome video on the next page.

In this video Tyler and his team are doing the first descent of the Sandratsio in Madagascar. This is one hell of a challenge and could only be done with the help of locals with their knowledge of the river and the best way through the dense forest and even then, as you will see for yourself, they faced dangerous, muddy and slippery portages.

The only way that the team could get look at the river and decide which tributary would offer the best route was to use GoogleEarth.

Check out part of this amazing adventure below!

Source : video –  Wizard’s Eye

Check out Tyler’s World Record 189ft Waterfall on the next page!