Amazing Encounter – Sea Kayaking with Orcas (Video)

What an Experience!

These are our taonga, our treasures, and we MUST take better care of the oceans, and not for us, but for those creatures that call the ocean their ‘home’. 

                                                                                                Nathan Pettigrew

Nathan Pettigrew from New Zealand shot this terrific footage when sea kayaking from Pilot Bay to Mauao (Mount Maunganui).

He caught sight of 2 orca going passed him in the water and stopped to find the rest of the pod appearing in front of his kayak.

The whole pod were happily feeding on eagle rays while Nathan just sat back and filmed this amazing encounter.

Nathan, like many of us wants to help protect our oceans and the beautiful creatures that live there and if we all do our bit to help with conservation then sea kayaking encounters like these will be here for generations to come.

Enjoy the grace and beauty of these amazing orcas in the video on the next page . . .